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Noj Barker for Made in Bed Magazine - Publications - JB Art Gallery - An Online Contemporary Gallery.

MADE IN BED’s Editor-in-Chief, Emily Crozier, interviews Noj Barker, the British multidisciplinary artist, about his World of Dots.  

Having put down his paintbrush during the first lockdown this year, Noj Barker has returned to his canvas and, on November 21st, launched a new online exhibition entitled KALEIDOSCOPES. The exhibition is available online for viewing through to the 19th of December, 2020. Below is an excerpt from the exhibition catalogue. 

“If you look through KALEIDOSCOPES, a new world is revealed before your eyes, with every twist and turn, the detail magnifies. The colours appear brighter and unique patterns are transported into various forms of art that merge together to create a hidden world of beauty. Just as Noj Barker’s immersive paintings, the closer you look, the more details draw you into his unending field of dots. When you look at his painting you hear music. His accumulations of dots are the sort psychedelia which blazes your retina.” 

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