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Founded in October 2020, JB Art Gallery’s mission is to promote the art world’s next generation of contemporary voices. We have witnessed seismic shifts in the global art market towards a more holistic industry; shaped by transparency, accessibility and digitalisation. 

JB Art Gallery is dedicated to bringing this change. 

Our organisation is constantly evolving. By championing a future generation of emerging artists, we have established a platform for rising talents to cultivate their stories and showcase their works. We also recognise the buyer’s changing needs; a heighten thirst for knowledge and demands for supporting data, when acquiring works of art.  

Our carefully curated exhibitions will introduce informed buyers to the individuals behind the artworks, forging meaningful relationships and in turn supporting the artistic community.

JB Art Gallery is looking to integrate various new technologies in order to create immersive 3D exhibitions, which engage with the viewer through a variety of digital scenarios. This will simulate the physical experience of walking into an installation room in a gallery that engages with multiple senses. Each would room showcases artworks with comprehensive artistic background, incorporating JB Art Gallery’s driving principles of innovation and diversification creating a dynamic, safe space for artists to evolve.



Julia Bolgova                                         
Gallery Director                               

For all sales or press related enquiries, please contact


JB Art Gallery 

Telephone: +447775207555
Hours: Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm

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